Hair Tips

How to wash/care for your hair or wig?

Begin with brushing or combing your hair through using the ponytail method. Use hot water and begin filling the sink with water. Then apply hair shampoo/conditioner to hair and mix some into the water. Wash the hair in downward strokes with the hot water for about 5 to 10 minutes depending on the condition. Hair conditioner is very important with every wash. This keeps the hair from tangling and will prolong use. I highly suggest a high moisture conditioner.

After this step mix some Silicon mix with Adore Crystal Clear. Apply this to your hair for extra shine.  Rinse the hair thoroughly using the ponytail method mentioned before. This will have your extensions looking and feeling brand new!

If you would like to blow dry hair. Dry it until it is about 80% dry and allow it to dry naturally for the last 20%. This will keep hair conditioned and from feeling frizzy and dry.


If hair begins to feel dry. Apply some oil... you can spray or add the oil in with the hot water while washing. This helps the hair feel more soft and silky. I do not suggest you apply oil daily due to this will cause the hair to weigh down or look stiffer.

How to use wig or hair?

To get the most natural and flawless look with your hair or wig, I suggest you get it installed by a professional if you don’t know how to install it yourself. 

Beginners should ask about our glue-less units!

If the hair is curly or wavy I suggest to comb through hair with your hands or using a wide tooth comb or brush. Combing from the tips and then working your way up the strand towards the weft. Narrow tooth combs or brushes may cause the hair to shed.

When dying the hair be sure to do so with bleaching powder. If bleached is left on the hair for too long this will damage the strands of the hair and could burn the hair. The bleaching process is a timed project, time differs depending on the strength of the developer. When creating your mixture use equal parts developer and bleaching powder.

When sleeping apply an elastic band to your edges if wearing a wig, closure or frontal. Also wrap the hair with a bonnet. This keeps the hair from tangling and keeps it soft and silky.

When swimming you may protect your hair with a swim cap or tie it up. The chemicals in the pool or sea water are not good for the strands of the hair. It is suggested to wash the hair after swimming.

For any other hair care questions contact us on the contact page!